VAT compliance & Planning

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VAT compliance & Planning

With the increased globalisation of businesses and development of e-business, companies need to be familiar with the VAT regime at home and abroad. The implications for businesses who make VAT errors – either underpaying or over-claiming VAT – can be serious as that business may be exposed to interest charges, penalties and publication. The need for careful tax planning is especially true for VAT for which the optimisation of recovery can have a major impact on business profitability. Our services include:

  • VAT on all property transactions including leases
  • VAT on imports/exports of goods or services
  • Applying the correct rate of VAT
  • Ensuring you maximise the recovery VAT on transactions
  • Assistance in the filing of the VAT returns
  • VAT legislation relating to specific sectors
  • Due diligence
  • Budget updates
  • Exemptions, allowances and reliefs
  • Invoice basis –V- cash receipts basis
  • Advice on Revenue audits

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